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Agree with expressing in terms of functional needs if we can do it (rather than specific medical conditions causing the needs)..  Thanks Tim Boland NIST

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Comments from Liddy!

I have read through half the notes we have on the wiki so far and done
a lot of minor editing to get grammar, spelling, etc right.

I notice a few problems:

1. some people write about what happens in, say the US, as if it is
the world - these notes should be international
2. there is a lot about diseases or medical conditions - including
interpretations of research. I don't think this should be included ..
except, perhaps, where it is necessary to understand a need but surely
all we really want on the wiki is the list of functional requirements
the user might have?
3. Some of the use cases seem to be tied very closely to the
disability - is this necessary? I think it'd be better if they were
representing functional needs and the use case was therefore
independent of medical conditions that cause the need.

What I have seen leads me to asking again if we would not be better to
start with the medical conditions, list all the typical problems, then
set them up in a table that has nothing about medical conditions in it
but is simply a list of functional needs (some might be specific
versions of others), and then write use cases that show how the needs
impact the user in a typical engagement with the Web.

Perhaps you could share these ideas with others?


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