Background and google doc for COGA-EO meeting on Monday, Sept 12, at 3pm PT

Hi, folks, this EO meeting was a last-minute addition. Last Thursday, EO
asked to meet with us at TPAC. We did not know until the next day—Friday
the 9th—that EO would be distributing a "last-call" survey that needs to be
completed by September 26.

The survey asks about 9 video scripts based on the user stories from EO's
How People With Disabilities Use the Web.

   - COGA provided initial feedback on the user stories in March.
   - 4 of the 9 scripts are about cognitive and learning disabilities.
   - Our goal should be to feedback that is as specific as possible.
   - This google doc
   includes a few suggestions from me (in red) on how to reword specific
   sentences. The righthand column is for COGA to explain our reasoning for
   these suggested changes.



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