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RE: Visually impaired in organic chemistry

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Date: Wed, 26 May 2021 19:46:05 -0600
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With cc to the Chemistry on the Web and in Publishing Community Group.

I posted this to the Chemistry on the Web and in Publishing Community Group of the W3c. Here is one reply.
Hi George. I confirmed with my team that our engine can handle this and we’re happy to help. I’ll take your guidance if this should be complimentary or for a nominal fee. Please let me know if it’s ok to communicate directly with Jon. 

We’re excited to help this student! 

Rajiv Narayana


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Hi All,

We have a student who is visually impaired and uses JAWS. The student has requested that text descriptions be provided for any and all images she has to deal with, particularly on tests and labs. Has anyone dealt with this particular combination before? We are wondering if A) this places an undue burden on the professor given the sheer number of graphs, tables, and diagrams involved (I'm guessing no, but asking anyway) and B) if interpreting a text description rather than a diagram constitutes a fundamental alteration (we're in contact with the professor to explore this as well). Also wondering if anyone has any resources or supplemental material that could help this student for this particular subject. Thanks in advance!

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