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RE: minutes from today

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VitalSource is an excellent program. The titles may be in PDF, or the much,
much better format EPUB 3. Here is a short article about the choice on what
to use.




So, if it was in EPUB, the choice by the publisher to include extended
descriptions is recommended. At epubtest.org there are sample titles, one is
for math and another demonstrating techniques for extended descriptions.


Also on this site are the results of texting various reading systems,
including BookShelf from Vital Source and the Thorium Reader, freely aviable
on Windows, LINUX, and the Mac.


VitalSource also allows  DSO offices to get review copies to help the
students they are working with. RedShelf does this as well.





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This is what T& F said about the e-book


Only e-inspection can be requested via the website currently. They are
provided via vitalsource bookshelf
https://www.vitalsource.com/bookshelf-features  (which most 

publishers use and has slightly more functionality than a PDF).


Anyone know anything about VitalSource?


My comments were

I noticed the screen reader just passed over the figures. On VitalSources
web page, it says if figure descriptions are provided, they appear next to
the figure. Was I supposed to supply figure descriptions? Also the screen
reader left out chemical formulas inserted inline in the text and minus
signs. I think this is because they were put in using Word symbol or
equation editor.


The book website is






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Minutes can be found at:








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