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Re: Few words on each of us

From: Nigel Whitaker <nigel.whitaker@deltaxml.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 13:07:48 +0000
Message-ID: <51261C24.2090100@deltaxml.com>
To: public-change@w3.org
Hello all,

Here's my intro:

I'm Nigel Whitaker, I work at DeltaXML and have experience of generating 
(usually via XSLT) several existing track-change formats.
For our purposes, this is used as a way of representing the results of 
post editing comparison, reusing the accept/reject type interfaces.

Those tools/formats include (in alphabetical order):  arbortext editor, 
ODF (openoffice, libreoffice...), oxygenxml, xmetal
I've some knowledge, but no implementation experience, of the 
track-changes format used in MS Word.

I was involved, with my colleagues Robin & Tristan, with our proposal 
for improving the ODF track-change representation that was recently 
presented at XML Prague - I worked on some of the XSLT code we used and 
I also figured out the mechanism we used to take the existing ODF 1.2 
..rng grammar and merge it with the .rng for the track-changes to produce 
an ODF grammar with track-changes in it.

I'm an editor/word-processor user and a user of change tracking, but not 
involved in editor development.



Nigel Whitaker, Software Architect, DeltaXML Ltd. "Experts in information change"
nigel.whitaker@deltaxml.com   http://www.deltaxml.com   +44 1684 869035
Registered in England: 02528681 Reg. Office: Monsell House, WR8 0QN, UK
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