Beginnings of a draft report

Dear all,

In an effort to show progress and to ensure that our meeting in Beijing 
on 28 February is as productive as possible, I have made a tentative 
start on the document that I hope will evolve into our final report 

It begins by re-stating some of the stuff from our initial meeting as 
captured in the report [1] and then makes a quick summary of the work 
Maik has been doing in Reading.

@Maik - from an inexpert and all too quick review of your Coverage Data 
REST API Core Specification [2] it seems to me that you have already 
answered a lot of our key questions. I have added some questions to the 
doc that I suggest we can look at - I'd be delighted if there are ready 
answers to some or all of them and would be surprised if there weren't 
more that can be added.

I am aware that this work has been done in one specific context and that 
it is crucial, of course, to see how this works in the contexts in which 
our Chinese colleagues work.

@Maik - what is your/Reading/MELODIES' plan for this doc and its 
companions? Are you looking for it to become a formal standard? If so, 
we seem well placed to help ;-) You define some relationship types. The 
next iteration of the BP doc that Jeremy is co-editing will, I think, 
include the standard spatial and temporal relationships and, via that 
route, can be added to the Link Registry.

I am painfully aware that as I write, China is shutting up shop ready 
for the Spring Festival. Beihang is now closed until 17th February and I 
imagine that will be the case for CAS as well.

Comments, questions and additions to the doc please.



* I considered doing this on GitHub or Google Docs but, for now at 
least, a Word doc seems most likely to most convenient to the greatest 
number of people. But I do hope we can move to an online shared space 
quickly as passing round Word docs is a recipe for extra workload.




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W3C Data Activity Lead
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