Re: comments on WICD Mobile DOM section

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> >> Section 3.6.10 states "org.w3c.dom.AbstractView" must be an  
> >> implementation of the Window interface. I don't really understand that  
> >> sentence. For one, note that Window, as defined by the Window Object  
> >> 1.0 specification, inherits from AbstractView.
> >
> > The spec. says that the AbstractView associated with a DocumentView  
> > (i.e., its defaultView attribute/member) must implement the Window  
> > interface. So this is saying that the value of defaultView must be a  
> > Window implementation, not just an AbstractView implementation. I would  
> > welcome a better wording if one is proposed.
> Yes, and I'm saying Window, as defined, inherits from AbstractView. So  
> objects implementing AbstractView implementing Window doesn't make much  
> sense to me.
 From the DOM Views Spec.

interface DocumentView {
 readonly attribute AbstractView     defaultView;
               // defaultView is an AbstractView. Could be _any_ 
implementation of the AbstractView interface

 From the Window spec:

The |Window| interface 
<> inherits from the 
|AbstractView| interface [DOM2Views 

Which means:

interface Window : AbstractView {

That says that Window implementations are also AbstractView 
implementations. That does _not_ make all AbstractView implementations 
be Window implementations.

What we are saying is:

"In conformant WICD Mobile 1.0 user agents, the org.w3c.dom.AbstractView 
associated with an org.w3c.dom.DocumentView (I.E THE defaultView 
property) must be an implementation of the Window interface as defined 
in the Window Object 1.0specification."

Which means that the defaultView instance has to be a Window object (as 
opposed to be another implementation of AbstractView that does not 
implement the Window interface). Yes, the Window interface is defined to 
extend AbstractView, but that is not enough to specify that the 
defaultView property be a Window implementation.


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