Re: 2nd Call: is there a test suite and harness?


~?> Could you point to the section or sections of the CDF  
specifications that this tests?

this test relates to CSS pseudo-class events.
I'm having difficulty finding specific reference to CSS within CDF  
specifications. Is this by design?

Please find attached a selection of possibly suitable sections.
Please let me know which you consider the attached test or a  
variation, suitable for.

regarding RDF I was disturbed to find no suitable reference to RDF.


Jonathan Chetwynd

Compound Document by Reference Framework 1.0

2.12 Events

note no reference to pseudo-class events is made. is this intentional?

Compound Document Use Cases and Requirements Version 2.0

1.3.6 CSS

makes no comments on pseudo-class events

2.6.1  Synchronization of HTML content with audio visual content:

". starting and stopping playback of an embedded video (or audio) in  
response to interaction with another HTML element"

if the test provided is not quite right, another reduced test case  
could be provided. is an example of this type of event handling  
without use of script.
the user mouses over an icon, which raises a further symbol, that  
whilst moused over plays a sound.

Compound Document by Reference Use Cases and Requirements Version 1.0

3.1.8 CDR MUST support event mechanisms that cross namespace boundaries

Define consistent rules that specify how events pass to components.  
In particular, provide rules that define the behavior when events are  
passed across namespace boundaries.

also 3.1.13,


In particular this test demonstrates how the author can enable audio  
to be played, but please note there is no way for the user to disable  
such audio, and neither am I currently able to conceive of how the  
author might provide such a method.

3.1.14 provides a test case, though a tighter  
and smaller could be provided.

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