Re: 2nd Call: is there a test suite and harness?

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~?> Please could someone from the CDFWG respond?

~?> on the 25th March 2007 I sent the following email:

~?> is there a test suite and harness?
Yes, there is; it hasn't been released yet.

~?> if so, perhaps the CDF WG would consider including the attached file  
~?> 'audio on :hover or :focus'
~?> this requires SVG, HTML and CSS but no script or animation.

Could you point to the section or sections of the CDF specifications that this tests?

~?> I would be particularly keen to see a simple example showing how to  
~?> use client-side script with RDF  to alter a document.
~?> perhaps referencing a GUI schema such as 
~?> gui-schema#

Same question for that one.

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