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BrowserExt CG teleconf

From: Florian Rivoal <florian@rivoal.net>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2017 14:31:29 +0900
To: public-browserext@w3.org
Message-Id: <23564BE5-D115-4A68-BD49-63F2D9462417@rivoal.net>
Hi all,

We will be holding a 1 hour teleconf:
15 Feb @  5:30pm…Seattle/Portland
15 Feb @  8:30pm…New York
16 Feb @  7:00am…India
16 Feb @ 10:30am…Japan

The summary of the previous meeting is here: http://browserext.github.io/minutes/2017-02-02.html

The call is open to all members of the CG. Please see this mail on the private list for instructions on how to join:


== Agenda ==

* Call for extra agenda items

* Status update and issue resolution on https://browserext.github.io/browserext/

  #31 - Add "id" and "name" properties in WebDriver
    Fixed with https://github.com/mikepie1/browserext-1/commit/702d8b89c4eb481cb1104f3ca0055c22cd0543f2 

  #46 - WebDriver should support user interaction with permission prompts
    Fixed with https://github.com/mikepie1/browserext-1/commit/58771985a01e9f84688d9b6945b839c21b084da2

  The merged combination of these changes can be viewed at: https://mikepie1.github.io/browserext-1   

* Status update and issue resolution on https://browserext.github.io/native-messaging/


This meeting will be minuted, and the minutes will be posted to this mailing list. Any decision taken during the meeting will be provisional, and any member of the CG will have 10 days (from the publication of the minutes) to express dissenting opinions. This is to make sure that decisions reflect the consensus of the whole group, and not merely of those who could attend the call.

For more information on the communication and decision policy of the group, please refer to the charter:

Best regards,
Florian Rivoal

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