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Re: Mozilla challenger to the Native Messaging spec:

From: Anders Rundgren <anders.rundgren.net@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2016 21:15:44 +0100
To: Kris Maglione <kmaglione@mozilla.com>
Cc: public-browserext@w3.org
Message-ID: <86310814-b826-3ce5-cc9f-b7752e465c17@gmail.com>
On 2016-11-05 20:50, Kris Maglione wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 05, 2016 at 03:23:30PM +0100, Anders Rundgren wrote:
>> https://flyweb.github.io/posts/2016/11/01/introducing-flyweb.html
> Sorry, but could you please explain why you think this is in any
> way related to native messaging, let along a challenger to it?

As I see it, native messaging represents one way to interact with
local/native applications.  Flyweb seems to do this (and some more)
but through an entirely different mechanism:

"This feature allows users to find and connect to nearby devices with
  embedded web servers such as printers, thermostats and televisions"

Maybe I have misunderstood something?  These devices (=applications)
must run on another machine?  It is not obvious to me.

Anyway, there are WebAppSec discussions about making localhost access more
standardized and that's definitely a challenger to Native Messaging.

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