Re: Units of measurement and scrolling in actions

On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 5:20 PM, James Graham <>

> On 12/01/17 14:29, Simon Stewart wrote:
> I am in favour of making scroll a primitive action rather then something
>>> implicit. Indeed the design of actions with an input type of "none" is
>>> specifically designed with this future extension in mind. I think this is
>>> necessary for use cases like infinite scrolling where the page is
>>> expected
>>> to dynamically resize  That said I think it should be a future extension
>>> and not something we do right now.
>> Since we have no implementations yet, and it provides useful functionality
>> to users, why not add it now? It's easy to spec out as we already talk
>> about scrolling elements into view (the complex case), and the underlying
>> implementations will need this primitive to work with the high-level
>> interactions commands.
> Well, it depends. If you want the spec to reach Rec. at W3C there are a
> couple of weeks to finish it and get enough of a testsuite together that
> it's clear that we will be done in a month or two. To achieve that I would
> recommend being very focused on ironing out known bugs, filling in
> incomplete text, and writing tests, rather than on adding new features.
> If you have given up on that goal then that external forcing function
> doesn't apply, and this could be a good time to add new features.

I want this spec done as much as anyone. I've been working on this for over
ten years now, and I'd love for it to be stable and finished. I hear what
you're saying, and agree, though I'd dearly love us to address obvious
problems before users of the spec run into them.

Thank you for reminding me about focus :) Let's get this done!


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