Re: Units of measurement and scrolling in actions

On 12/01/17 14:29, Simon Stewart wrote:

>> I am in favour of making scroll a primitive action rather then something
>> implicit. Indeed the design of actions with an input type of "none" is
>> specifically designed with this future extension in mind. I think this is
>> necessary for use cases like infinite scrolling where the page is expected
>> to dynamically resize  That said I think it should be a future extension
>> and not something we do right now.
> Since we have no implementations yet, and it provides useful functionality
> to users, why not add it now? It's easy to spec out as we already talk
> about scrolling elements into view (the complex case), and the underlying
> implementations will need this primitive to work with the high-level
> interactions commands.

Well, it depends. If you want the spec to reach Rec. at W3C there are a 
couple of weeks to finish it and get enough of a testsuite together that 
it's clear that we will be done in a month or two. To achieve that I 
would recommend being very focused on ironing out known bugs, filling in 
incomplete text, and writing tests, rather than on adding new features.

If you have given up on that goal then that external forcing function 
doesn't apply, and this could be a good time to add new features.

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