Re: PointerMove proposal: add an origin property

On 09/01/17 16:34, Jim Evans wrote:
> On Jan 9, 2017, at 06:19, Simon Stewart <>
> wrote:
>> After discussing this on the IRC channel with James, I'd like to
>> make a proposal for modifying pointerMove, but it'd be handy to
>> have a discussion here before I make edits to the spec.
>> Proposal:
>> Add an "origin" property to the pointerMove command. This could be
>> one of three values "absolute", "input state" or an element
>> reference, and would default to "absolute" if not specified. The
>> x/y offsets are assumed to be relative to the origin.
> In the main, I'm pretty happy with this as a proposal. Yes, this is a
> case I think we overlooked in Redmond, and the proposed solution
> allows for the ability to implement the existing Selenium API, as
> well as being relatively non-disruptive to what we had before. Even
> this late in the game, we do need the functionality available for a
> number of user scenarios.

This would presumably be instead of the existing "element" key.

I'm happy with this as I think the existing API is unimplemented (the 
geckodriver implementation isn't yet backed by anything in marionette so 
it's still possible to change it) and being able to support the existing 
selenium API seems relatively important.

I think that the proposal should s/absolute/viewport/ and some other 
term I haven't thought of yet other than "input state" (maybe "pointer").

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