Re: test suite information

Olá John,

John Jansen <> writes:

> I created a list of chapters from the spec in the readme file. I
> figured we could mark them in RED if they are not ready for tests and
> GREEN if they have enough coverage for now. In addition, we could
> simply denote "ownership" of the chapter for testing purposes by
> adding a hyphen and the company/person writing tests (e.g., "Actions
> - Mozilla").

I’m generally supportive of having such a list if you and others find it
useful.  I suspect we will forget to update it when we submit PRs, but
I guess is another matter.

However, as Mike points out on the PR you seem to have made the changes
to the under /old-tests instead of /webdriver.  If you
rectify this I will r+ it.

Received on Tuesday, 27 September 2016 12:39:04 UTC