Re: Session ID in responses

On 26/09/16 21:35, Simon Stewart wrote:
> Hi,
> The original JSON wire protocol used by selenium webdriver included the
> session id in every response. I think we should do the same thing in the
> W3C webdriver protocol.
> The advantage this offers is that it means that there's no need for an
> intermediary node to pair up requests and responses, instead just
> keeping track of the various sessions being run (opening up some nice
> queue-based possible implementations that would otherwise need
> additional book-keeping). From an end-node point of view, the session ID
> is known anyway[1], so adding this to each response shouldn't be onerous.
> Thoughts?

I thought we decided not to do this (although of course I can't find the 
record of it at the moment). Responding with something that must be 
known at request time and is indeed part of the request URL seems like 
pointless extra traffic for very little advantage. If this means that 
some intermediaries need to store a mapping between request url and some 
handle to get the response, I feel I can live with that.

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