Re: question about language bindings and elevation

On 9 Jun 2015, at 23:00, John Jansen <> wrote:
> In Windows, when a process such as webdriver spins up a server we have an interesting behavior:
> If the URL is http://localhost:{port} the server spins up fine and webdriver can successfully communicate with the browser.
> If the URL is{port} the server requires elevation via a prompt to "run as admin".
> Since a large number of WebDriver tests are run on VMs with test accounts, I do not want our implementation to require elevation.

Is this a routing problem in Windows? and localhost are both loopback devices.  The point about the or ::1 limitation is simply to suggest it’s a good idea that it listens only on locally available devices.

> However, it is not clear to me what priority I should give the task to enable this scenario. The only language bindings I have seen that use the IP address rather than the friendly name are the Python ones.

Actually the reason Python uses the numeric IP address is IIRC because a user reported problems using localhost on some systems, although if my understanding of loopbacks isn’t misguided “localhost” and “” should be equivalent, i.e. they are loopbacks.

> 2. What does this group think about Microsoft Edge shipping an initial implementation that requires elevation when the Python language bindings are used?

My gut reaction is that this is a problem elsewhere and that shipping would not be a problem.

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