question about language bindings and elevation

In Windows, when a process such as webdriver spins up a server we have an interesting behavior:

If the URL is http://localhost:{port} the server spins up fine and webdriver can successfully communicate with the browser.

If the URL is{port} the server requires elevation via a prompt to "run as admin".

Since a large number of WebDriver tests are run on VMs with test accounts, I do not want our implementation to require elevation.

However, it is not clear to me what priority I should give the task to enable this scenario. The only language bindings I have seen that use the IP address rather than the friendly name are the Python ones. Of course, I haven't checked them all, this is just something I started looking at yesterday. It is not clear how many people use the Python bindings versus, say, javascript.

This is really two questions: 

1. I wonder how inconvenient it would be to modify the python language bindings to use the friendly name instead of IP (it looks like they do it for a performance improvement, though it's not completely clear to me)?
2. What does this group think about Microsoft Edge shipping an initial implementation that requires elevation when the Python language bindings are used?

NOTE: the scenario would be implemented in a subsequent release, though the cadence of releases is not yet determined.


Received on Tuesday, 9 June 2015 22:01:19 UTC