Re: Spec styles

On 27/05/15 12:47, Wilhelm Joys Andersen wrote:

> To assist that work, we have been asked to provide feedback in the
> form answers to the following questions:

> I will respond to the survey on behalf of the group, but will need
> your input on the open-ended questions. Feel free to send your
> comments to the list, or to me directly.

> What do you like about your current styles?

It is less ugly than the browser defaults.

> What do you dislike about your current styles?

But only a bit.

(I just opened a PR to improve some of the most trivial things here)

Should have narrower body width to make reading easier, particularly on 
large screens.

Should make better use of whitespace for improved legibility.

Shouldn't use underline/bottom borders for text in the main flow (e.g. 
links) because this is very visually distracting, particularly for 
very-link heavy documents like this spec.

Probably possible to make other typographical improvements.

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