Spec styles


Work has started on revising the stylesheets for W3C specs. The plan
is for /TR styles to be updated January 1st each year.

To assist that work, we have been asked to provide feedback in the
form answers to the following questions:


I will respond to the survey on behalf of the group, but will need
your input on the open-ended questions. Feel free to send your
comments to the list, or to me directly.

If we fail to respond, we will suffer this terrible fate:

  “Any WG from whom a response has not been received will be
   harassed by email for an arbitrary period of time determined by
   me, and if no response is received after that period I SHALL
   recommend to Philippe that that WG's specifications be published
   with the CSSWG's Geocities Theme Spec Styles [3] (since they
   obviously don't care about styling and would be happy with

Wilhelm Joys Andersen

Received on Wednesday, 27 May 2015 11:48:31 UTC