Logistics for WebDriver Face to Face in London


The next webdriver face to face is being held in Facebook's offices. We
typically ask people to sign a visitor's NDA when visiting for the same
reason that most companies ask people to sign an NDA when visiting. (If
you're super curious beforehand I can get the text of it)

I've been talking to the security team here, and now have a form that I can
use to ask for dispensation from signing the NDA. Can you please let me
know if you'd have a problem signing the NDA (personal email to
simons@fb.com will work as well --- you don't need to reply to the list)
and I'll add you to the form.

I'll be sending this to get approval on Monday, 30th June. So please be
prompt replying!



Received on Wednesday, 25 June 2014 12:56:46 UTC