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I am going to be joining the F2F. I didn’t think I was, but it turns out I am.

I will be arriving Sunday morning at 7:05am and leaving Wednesday the 9th at 3:05pm

I’ll be staying at the Club Quarters Lincoln's Inn Fields hotel because none of the ones listed below are in the list of hotels I can pick without management approval.

I expect to be tired on Sunday, but I’m going to try to sleep on the plane and may want to get a pint or see a sight. I’ll post on Twitter.


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Asking around, the following hotels might be suitable:

1. Radisson Blu Edwardian Grafton
2. Melia White House
3. Sanderson Hotel
4. Charlotte Street Hotel

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Malini Das <<>>:
> Is there a recommended hotel for the F2F?
Not yet..

I'll be staying here:

It's close to Euston, the reviews are good and I got a decent rate via<>. But I don't yet know if the reviews match reality. :)

Wilhelm Joys Andersen

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