Re: WebDriver TPAC Agenda Ideas

My primary interests are:

>    - Shadow DOM - Current spec API vs Future API
> This is creating very real problems for us as we move some projects to
AngularDart which heavily uses shadow DOM and web components.

>    - Define Interactable vs Visible semantics. In last F2F we briefly
>    discussed so would be good to solidify what this means.
> This comes up over and over again, so we really need to nail this down.

>From my POV the following doesn't need to be included in the current
version of the API, but others may feel different:

Handling of Accelerometer

Can you explain following?

>    - Window Management - in WebDriver takes a window handle ID as a
>    parameter but this is never passed. Should we keep this?
> Window handles are used in the window call (as one of several options, and
the documentation at
detail this) to switch to a window and are returned by the
window_handle/window_handles calls.

>    - Scroll to Element API
> Are you proposing a new API here? There isn't currently a scroll element
into view API directly available (at least that I see), just implicit
scrolling with a variety of commands.


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