Re: Extending Browser Testing and Tools Working Group Charter

We also agreed in Boston to have actually written far more than we have
right now :)

I think John's proposed date is one that is realistic, particularly since
we'd want the test suite to be fleshed out before LC too.

We've not been very successful at hitting deadlines so far, and I think
that simply setting another one without also providing some support for
getting there is setting ourselves up for another Douglas Adams-esque
sound <>". To that end, I'd
like to suggest a weekly get together of half a day (either virtually or
IRL) of at least two of us once TPAC is over.

My preference would be to meet in person --- there's nothing like a human
being next to you keeping you honest about working on the right thing!
Andreas and I are working down the road from each other, and I'd be happy
to head down to Bournemouth occasionally to work with David, so that looks
like it might be workable. If John or anyone else on this list wants to
meet over a skype call or Hangout, we can set up a time for that too.



On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 8:49 PM, David Burns <> wrote:

> I am happy to move it to the date to June but the date I picked straight
> after TPAC is the one we agreed at the F2F in Boston. If we move it out
> there I would like to set certain deadlines for items to be completed so
> that we actually finish.
> What time line would you like to propose?
> David
> On 31/10/2013 18:54, John Jansen wrote:
>> I agree with Simon. There are a number of open issues and "TODOs" still
>> in the spec and I don't want to rush LC.
>> I think that an extension to the charter until June 30th 2014 makes sense
>> to me (I only pick that date because it's the middle of the year and hits a
>> fiscal quarter). I don't want to request an extension until March and then
>> miss it and have to request another one.
>> -John
>> From: Simon Stewart []
>> Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2013 11:26 AM
>> To: David Burns
>> Cc: public-browser-tools-testing; Wilhelm Joys Andersen;
>> Subject: Re: Extending Browser Testing and Tools Working Group Charter
>> Hi,
>> Doing a LC after TPAC doesn't strike me as wise. There's still lots
>> that's missing in the spec, most importantly the http mapping (which I have
>> a draft of, but not had a chance on finishing) and the blank chapters. The
>> most important areas to flesh out before I think we can go LC are:
>> * HTTP protocol
>> * Internationalized inputs (14.3)
>> * The advanced user interaction apis (14.2)
>> I've got chunks of the HTTP stuff written: I just need to set the time
>> aside to actually finish it.
>> With the following being "should haves":
>> * Logging (Appendix E)
>> * Handling non-HTML content (17)
>> If we manage to get that first list covered off by the time TPAC ends,
>> then LC might be a possibility.
>> Simon
>> On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 4:57 PM, David Burns <> wrote:
>> Browser Testing and Tools Working group, which the WebDriver working
>> group is in, has their charter coming to an end in December 2013. After
>> speaking to Mike Smith we need to ask for extension to get WebDriver to
>> Last Call(LC) and beyond. We discussed at the last F2F[1] of going to Last
>> Call just after TPAC where we would get a lot of work done on the spec and
>> use TTWF to help finish conformance tests.
>> If we do LC after TPAC, Mike suggested we leave it open for 4 weeks
>> (perferably 6 weeks) which would put us right on the end of the year and we
>> still need to go through Candidate Recommendation and Proposed
>> Recommendation and Recommendation.
>> I have put a proposed timeline below to get use through those stages
>> which we can use to extend the charter.
>> 29 November 2013 - Last Call
>> 3 March 2014 - Candidate Recommendation
>> 10 March 2014 - Proposed Recommendation
>> 17 March 2014 - Recommendation
>> Please let me know if you are happy with this and I will work with Mike
>> and Wilhelm to make sure this is document
>> David
>> [1]

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