Re: Extending Browser Testing and Tools Working Group Charter


Doing a LC after TPAC doesn't strike me as wise. There's still lots that's
missing in the spec, most importantly the http mapping (which I have a
draft of, but not had a chance on finishing) and the blank chapters. The
most important areas to flesh out before I think we can go LC are:

* HTTP protocol
* Internationalized inputs (14.3)
* The advanced user interaction apis (14.2)

I've got chunks of the HTTP stuff written: I just need to set the time
aside to actually finish it.

With the following being "should haves":

* Logging (Appendix E)
* Handling non-HTML content (17)

If we manage to get that first list covered off by the time TPAC ends, then
LC might be a possibility.


On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 4:57 PM, David Burns <> wrote:

> Browser Testing and Tools Working group, which the WebDriver working group
> is in, has their charter coming to an end in December 2013. After speaking
> to Mike Smith we need to ask for extension to get WebDriver to Last
> Call(LC) and beyond. We discussed at the last F2F[1] of going to Last Call
> just after TPAC where we would get a lot of work done on the spec and use
> TTWF to help finish conformance tests.
> If we do LC after TPAC, Mike suggested we leave it open for 4 weeks
> (perferably 6 weeks) which would put us right on the end of the year and we
> still need to go through Candidate Recommendation and Proposed
> Recommendation and Recommendation.
> I have put a proposed timeline below to get use through those stages which
> we can use to extend the charter.
> 29 November 2013 - Last Call
> 3 March 2014 - Candidate Recommendation
> 10 March 2014 - Proposed Recommendation
> 17 March 2014 - Recommendation
> Please let me know if you are happy with this and I will work with Mike
> and Wilhelm to make sure this is document
> David
> [1]

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