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Of course, David can comment for himself here, but this is my take on these.

At one point, we discussed adding the caveat that if the center point is
not visible in the viewport (even after bringing the element into view as
mentioned in this section), but a portion of the element *is* visible in
the viewport, that the click is performed at the center of the visible
portion of the element. We captured this in a bug in the W3C Bugzilla
instance[1], but it hasn't gotten pushed into a draft yet.

The "click with offsets" should be handled by the lower-level API described
in 14.2.



On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 1:51 PM, John Jansen <>wrote:

>  The Spec Says: ****
> “Click in the middle of the WebElement instance. The middle of the element
> is defined as the middle of the box returned by calling
> getBoundingClientRect on the underlying DOM Element” [1]****
> There seems to be some ambiguity about where the cursor may go after the
> click happens. For example, clicking on a textbox in Firefox without
> width/height defined puts click at the beginning. Chrome put it in the
> center of the text box. It is not clear what we should expect to happen in
> these cases.****
> Additionally, it is possible for the ‘middle’ of an element to be
> obscured, but the clickable dimensions of that div to be clickable. In that
> case, an end user would not click on the middle, but rather in the top left
> area of the element.****
> Has there been discussion about passing parameters to the click method
> that would move the click some number of pixels up and left or down and
> right of the center of the clientBoundingRect?****
> Finally, according to the specification click “MUST use either the mouse
> or touch mechanisms for emulating the user input”. Since the Mouse (14.2.1)
> and Touch (14.2.3) sections of the spec have yet to be fleshed out, this is
> a bit confusing. The wording here is vague on whether or not the click
> command should cause other events to fire (such as OnMouseOver or
> OnLeftMouseDown). ****
> [1]
> ****
> ** **

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