should profiles be a separate, optional, section in capabilities

Having gone through the SAML and ID-FF spec process, I am a bit worried 
about the fuzzy language around profiles in the spec which gives 
implementers a choice about how things are sent over the wire. (And its 
inclusion as what looks like a sidebar.)

I would be much happier if Profiles was its own separate section. Sure, 
only Opera and Firefox implement runtime-configurable profiles (at 
present) which means it would likely look something like below which 
removes instances of 'should' and provides something more concrete for 
future implementers to reference.


3.3. Profiles

If a WebDriver implementation has runtime configurable profiles, the 
implementation must support configuration of them as a Capability. This 
may be modelled in code as a "Profile" object, leading to code such as:

         profile = Profile("some/user/directory")
         capabilities = MutableCapabilities()
         capabilities.set('profile', profile)
         driver = RemoteDriver(capabilities)

In this example, the profile represents a directory on the local disk. 
The contents of this directory must be serialized as a base64 encoded 
zip file to allow it to be passed as a string.

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