RE: Mobile Web Application Best Practices is now a Candidate Recommendation

Dear all, 

I have found a minor editorial error: 
 In section 3.5.8, "(5.5.1 Thematic consistency) " is wrong section number. 
 Thematic Consistency part in MWBP, is section 5.1.1  

--- Jonathan Jeon 

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Subject: Mobile Web Application Best Practices is now a Candidate Recommendation

Great news!

The Mobile Web Application Best Practices has been published as a W3C 
Candidate Recommendation: 
  (permanent link: )

The Candidate Recommendation exit criteria are those agreed upon within
the group:

1.  Sufficient reports of implementation experience have been gathered
to demonstrate that the Mobile Web Application Best Practices are
implementable and are interpreted in a consistent manner. To test this,
the Working Group expects to evaluate Web content (Web sites, pages)
that has been created using the Mobile Web Application Best Practices.
To exit "Candidate Recommendation" for each Best Practice, at least two
Web sites/pages which are not solely demonstrations of Best Practices
implementations should pass the Best Practice.

2. An implementation report has been produced indicating the results of
using each best practice for the Web sites/pages considered

The implementation report template should be used to provide
implementation feedback:

Please consider filling out one (or more!) implementation report(s)
based on Web application(s) you may have developed. Thanks for passing
the word out as well. The specification now cannot move forward without
evidence that the Best Practices are implemented.

Congratulations Adam, as editor!
Congratulations to the Working Group, another step forward ;)

Note that I wrote a short post on the BPWG blog to advertise the 


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