ACTION-986: Enquire as to status of CSS Media Queries specification

The CSS Media Queries specification is going well, thanks for asking!

It is a Candidate Recommendation, waiting for implementations to move 
forward. The questions that the CSS working group now has to address on 
the CSS Media Queries have more to do with the automation of the test 
suite than with the lack of implementations. In particular, no further 
changes are expected.

Implementations have already been mentioned on this mailing-list:
- desktop browsers: Firefox 3.5, Opera 8+, Safari 3+
- mobile browsers: Opera mobile, Opera Mini, Safari for iPhone, Bolt, 
Iris, Ozone (see [1] for the last 3 browsers)

One thing to note though is that not all CSS media features are 
supported. No problem with "device-width", but "color" or "orientation" 
may not always be supported. See for instance CSS3 Media Queries support 
in Opera Presto 2.2 [2].

It is relatively safe to use CSS Media Queries in the sense that 
browsers that do not understand them should simply ignore the CSS 
properties. There may be a few problems with some OpenWave browsers as 
noted in [3] though.



Received on Friday, 3 July 2009 14:36:38 UTC