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Re: [minutes] Tuesday 13 January 2009

From: Tom Hume <Tom.Hume@futureplatforms.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 09:17:54 +0000
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OK, I feel this is turning into another episode of the Tom and Luca  

>  I talked about consensus on the idea of a single no-transform which  
> *seemed* to be there at one point, while that consensus was gone (I  
> did use the term "reversed", but the subject was not "decision") the  
> following time.
> from the minutes of January 6:
>  " <jo> [one more PROPOSED RESOLUTION: Content that is an included
>    resource of a document treated transparently should be treated
>    transparently] "
>  >From yesterday's minutes:
>  <jo> PROPOSED RESOLUTION: We will not say anything about
>    transforming included resources [that was not your best ever idea
>    Jo] "
>  So, how can you tell me that looking at CTWG/BPWG minutes may  
> demonstrate anything at all?

I think the key word you're missing from your interpretation was  
"proposed". Yes, the first one was proposed. Then it was discussed (as  
you can see from minutes), we found a number of problems with the  
proposal, and came up with an alternative.

The group hasn't changed its mind. It discussed one possibility,  
rejected it, and discussed and agreed on another.


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