RE: BP Addendum progress

Hi Phil,

Thanks for doing that.  I am sure the document has been much improved. 
As for cleaning it up, don't worry.  I am still responsible for it and
I'll take care of it :-)

Let me do that and then I'll arrange another editorial session

-- Kai

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> Subject: BP Addendum progress
> Kai,
> I finally got around to working through the remainder of the 
> BP addendum doc. I have made several changes, all of which 
> need review by you and others as appropriate.
> As you know, the document is physically a bit of a mess with 
> comments from Jo and Manrique mixed up with changes and 
> comments from me. If it's highlighted red, I think it should 
> be deleted. If it's in green it's something new I wrote or a 
> comment I made. Orange is Jo, light blue is Manrique - but I 
> wouldn't swear to consistency throughout on that! The 
> numbering is shot to pieces now as I've merged several tests.
> I reckon the next steps are:
> 1. Arrange a Skype call (or possible a Zakim call if needs 
> be) for those interested to go through it 2. Present it to 
> the group 3. Put it in a proper document format.
> Doing 3 first makes 1 and 2 easier IMO. I am able to do it if 
> you want me to. And if you know why I just said that please 
> tell me 'cos I think I may live to regret it!
> Cheers
> Phil.
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