[agenda] Agenda for tomorrow's call (2009-04-28)

Hi Mobile Web fans,

It seems that our WG chairs can't make tomorrow's call, so I'll step in.

Please make sure that if you are sending regrets you do so _before_ the
call and please use the member list to do so:



Chair: francois
Team contact: francois
Known regrets: DKA, Jo

Date: 2009-04-28T1330Z
  0630 US Pacific
  0930 US Eastern
  1430 UK/Ireland
  1530 CET
  1630 Helsinki

IRC: irc://irc.w3.org:6665#bpwg

1. mobileOK Checker
2. MWABP - new draft
3. Mobile/Accessibility document - new draft
4. CT - X-Device-* registration
5. CT - Same origin policy
6. CT - Abstract
7. Feature phones vs. Smartphone
8. AOB
(see below for a more detailed agenda)

1. mobileOK Checker
Small status update:
- most of known bugs were fixed
- minor enhancements in the pipe
- other enhancements possible, but would require changes in the moki format.

2. Mobile Web Application Best Practices
New draft issued based on last F2F discussions:
(there's a link to a diff view of the document next to the "previous 
version" link near the top of the document)

Please read the draft carefully.
- changes done, changes still pending
- questions?
- can we publish it as a new Working Draft?

3. Mobile/Accessibility document
See Alan's thread at:

Update? Anything BPWG needs to review?

4. CT - X-Device-* registration
See my mail at:

Related action: ACTION-928

5. CT - Same origin policy
The topic (or part of the topic) may be postponed if people involved in 
the discussion are not on the call.

See thread starting at:

- get back to WSC working group?
- define the same-origin policy and create our own test suite?
- thoughts about proposed resolutions?

6. CT - Abstract
See Eduardo's email at:

Related action: ACTION-929

7. Feature phones vs. Smartphone
See thread starting at:

Related issue: ISSUE-296 created by Jonathan.

Jonathan asked for the discussion to be held via email. Anything that 
could be worth mentioning to trigger people's reactions?

8. AOB

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