ACTION-929: CTG abstract

The action 929 is "Write an abstract for CT" -- to replace the current one at
the start of the document.



Contrarily to transparent HTTP proxies, Content Transformation proxies alter the
requests sent by clients to servers and responses returned by servers to clients
so that the appearance, structure, control flow or security attributes of Web
applications are modified. Content Transformation proxies are mostly used to
convert Web sites designed for desktop computers to a form suitable for mobile
devices. On the basis of current practice and standards, the present document
specifies mechanisms with which Content Transformation proxies can make their 
presence known to other parties, present the outcome of alterations performed on
HTTP traffic, and react to indications set by clients or servers to constrain 
these alterations.
The objective is to reduce undesirable effects on Web applications, especially 
mobile-ready ones, and to limit the diversity in the modes of operation of 
Content Transformation proxies that developers of such applications must contend
with. Important considerations regarding the impact on security are highlighted. 
ICS forms serve to assess the conformance of Content Transformation proxy 
deployments against the guidelines.




Received on Monday, 27 April 2009 09:12:50 UTC