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Re: FW: ACTION-660: Input to BP2, on Security and Privacy

From: Skytta Timo (Nokia-S&S/Espoo) <timo.skytta@nokia.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 14:57:09 +0200
To: BPWG-Public <public-bpwg@w3.org>
Message-Id: <1203080229.7761.18.camel@tskytta-linux.dsl.inet.fi>
On Fri, 2008-02-15 at 05:44 -0500, ext Sean Owen wrote:

> I think I disagree quite a bit then, and if I'm the only one, that's
> OK. I feel strongly that we are not here to write a position paper on
> modern mobile thinking. We're here as part of the *Mobile* *Web*
> Initiative, *Best Practices* working group. MIDlets -- unless they're
> a browser -- are plainly not in scope, in my view. Widgets of the
> future are not in scope, unless they happen to be acting like a user
> agent for web content. The Web is in bounds, meaning XHTML, CSS,
> Javascript, RSS, and company. Actual practice is in scope;
> generalities are not. Things in more than trivial use today are in
> bounds, things like DCCI don't seem to be at this point.
> We agree that we're not here to state the obvious, that security is
> important in mobile, or that one should be generally thinking about
> user privacy, and leave it up to the reader as an exercise to figure
> out what it means in particular technologies. It is useful to write
> about how, specifically, these issues intersect Web access from mobile
> devices today, and how specifically people are using Web technologies
> correctly to address them. Whatever does not pass that test, should
> not be in BP2.
> I sure don't think it's bad if you want to write a document on all
> these interesting topics; I don't want to write it, not within the
> BPWG. I just do not think this is what BP2 is supposed to be, or
> within the charter. I can only refer you to BP1 to illustrate the
> intent as I understand it, and that does not seem to be where you're
> heading.
> I'm happy to defer if there are more voices supporting this seemingly
> large change of direction. Or, I could be well convinced if someone
> could start writing some BPs in the spirit of BP1 to illustrate what
> BP2 will be.

+1 to Sean's comments.

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