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RE: BP2 Comments

From: Sullivan, Bryan <BS3131@att.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 14:44:35 -0700
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The "follow in the footsteps" phrase is explained in the rest of the

BP1 represents a certain baseline for recommendations related to the
DDC, a concept that the BPWG has not decided to evolve. If/when it does,
there might be value in a more clear lineage from BP1, but for now it
just seems unecessary overhead. But IMO if we do our job well, readers
should be capable of assessing the importance of BP1 and BP2 separately,
without too much need to worry about how they overlap.

So far, there has no consensus that BP1 needs updating. 

I welcome improvements to the conformance section. It largely is based
upon the BP1 template.

Bryan Sullivan |AT&T
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I haven't read this in detail like I should have, but I can see how
important it is from the new BPs. However, reading the introduction it
wasn't clear to me how it relates to BP1 (what does "in the footsteps"
mean?) in terms of what people are supposed to do. I would imagine that
they should do BP1 first and then move on to this cumulatively, but the
document doesn't seem to say that.

I think there is a need to update BP1 together with the writing of BP2
and to link the two together.

The conformance section says "intended to be capable of having
conformance statements constructed around them...", but many of them are
not black-box testable. It would be a good idea to flag these now to
avoid confusion.


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