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From: Jo Rabin <jo@linguafranca.org>
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 09:50:10 -0000
To: "'Tom Hume'" <Tom.Hume@futureplatforms.com>, <public-bpwg@w3.org>
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In short, yes.

At more length, the statements in the BP doc are supposed to be couched at a
level of generality that allows them to be applied to all similar markup

Where this gets a bit more murky is in the case of the 'baseline device
specification' and in the upcoming 'examples' and 'techniques'. What we
decided, everything being provisional of course, is as follows:

Baseline Device: This is an XHTML device as we are talking about putting the
Web onto mobile. We recognize explicitly that there are popular and
successful services out there that are not targeted at our baseline device.
And that's great. But it is not the Web on mobile.

Examples and techniques: These will be couched in XHTML, in this version. We
may come on to this in subsequent work packages and extend it out.

To be clear on this, no one is trying to prohibit WML, but equally we are
not trying to encourage it. Since our mission is to make the Web work
satisfactorily in the mobile context as well as the desktop context we need
to take the view that we should ask web site developers only to use one
markup. The increasing prevalence of XHTML capable devices says that this is
the forward looking approach, and in addition, even if there is content
adaptation it is better to have one type of markup at play.

Keep making WAP sites where this is appropriate. But favor making mobile
friendly web sites where possible.


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> > I think the point about WML (and CHTML and anything else for that
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> So the best practices doc does cover markups other than HTML: WML,
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