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Re: New version of mobileOK Pro, Comments

From: Alan Chuter <achuter@technosite.es>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 12:38:09 +0200
Message-ID: <48579411.2030808@technosite.es>
To: Mobile Web BP Pro list <public-bpwg-pro@w3.org>

[Sent to wrong list, yesterday. Resending]

My apologies for not having commented until the last moment. I have a
general comment about purpose and a couple of specific ones.

The document doesn't make clear what is being tested. Although the
section "1.1 Purpose" discusses this it dodges the issue by saying "go
beyond mobileOK Basic" but not saying in what way: "mobileOK Pro then
provides a set of guidelines that fill the gaps left by the limitations
of automated tests and thus completes the set of Best Practices."

As many of the tests introduce new requirements (or clarifications of
existing BPs) perhaps it would be better to drop the word "tests" from
the title, so that it becomes just "mobileOK" which is a superset of
MWBP that includes tests. As the Purpose section says, "...the
guidelines laid out in this document" there is more to it than the
tests. I think this is quite legitimate but it needs to be explained.

In the scope section, I think "mobileOK Best Practices" should be
"Mobile Web Best Practices" although the current text is more accurate.

A couple specific points:

Under "4.4 Background Image readability" the BP is only partly concerned
with colour contrast. The contrast could be adequate but the text still
illegible, for example due to patterns in the image. For colour contrast
there is an algorithm devised by the WCAG WG [1], although it may not be
appropriate for this test it is better than guesswork.

Under "4.6 Device Capabilities" is it really practical to "identify some
unadapted, original content?" This is feasible for a site owner but not
for an external tester. This test is aimed at instances where content is
restricted to suiting the DDC rather than detecting that it exploits
device capabilities.



Alan Chuter

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/WD-WCAG20-TECHS-20080430/G18.html


Scheppe, Kai-Dietrich escribió:
> Hello all,
> I am including a new version of the mobileOK Pro document.
> The primary changes are in the tests themselves which have, for the most
> part, been reworked substantially to enhance repeatability.
> When there are questions or points the task force would the group like
> to know you will find a colored box with some text explaining the issue.
> I would ask that 
> 1.	the group read the document
> 2.	take the input given into consideration
> 3.	prepare feedback to be given at the F2F in Sophia-Antipolis next
> week.
> Thanks
> Kai
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