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> ** 4.36 Testing
> The BP doesn't mention validation. I think you could
> have invalid markup and then use emulators and real
> devices to test in many ways with no problem (without
> stumbling upon the hypothetical problem). So
> validation isn't required here, I think. I really
> strongly suggest that there be no test for this BP.

Should the page be "validated" as mobileOK Basic to get mobileOK Pro?

Perhaps, the 'tester' should inform which devices (included DDC, and  
perhaps ADC) were used for testing, so things like 4.25 could be  
repeatable by others. I mean, test for 4.25 (PAGE SIZE USABLE):
"For every device used for 4.36 (TESTING), if a given web page  
contains contiguous content, which could technically and semantically  
be separated into individual pages, and exceeds 3 screen sizes in  
length without page break [FAIL]"

For TESTING, devices could be defined 'agnostic', I mean, defined by  
their capabilities. Should TESTING tests indicate the number of  
devices to test with?

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