[ACTION-634] CT guidelines and WAP1 gateways

Per ACTION-634, I'm supposed to write a note to include in our
guidelines to warn the readers that most of the guidelines are not
compatible with WAP1 gateways as they would fail to transform WML to
WMLC when they encounter a HTTP Cache-Control: no-transform header.

Here is my proposal:

Warning: Incompatibility with WAP1 gateways

This document recommends the use of the Cache-Control: no-transform HTTP
header by the origin server, with a view to controlling the content
transformation proxy and in particular to preventing any kind of content

The Cache-Control: no-transform directive applies to all the
intermediaries between the origin server and the user agent. In
particular, WAP1 gateways would obey the directive and would fail to
compile WML into WMLC. Failure to do so would break the content delivery
to the user agent.

As a consequence, these guidelines cannot be used to deliver content
through WAP1 gateways.

It could go in the "2.2 Objectives" section formatted as a note with a
different background color. Or maybe at some other place, it certainly
doesn't have to be the first thing readers see. 


Received on Monday, 4 February 2008 11:02:58 UTC