Re: [wmlprogramming] Verizon, guidelines

Francois Daoust wrote:
>> Of course, the "unless" clause in CTG makes it easier for Novarra and 
>> Verizon to justify the abuse, as compared to the Manifesto.
> It does not.
> We resolved to add an explicit text in this section that states that 
> inferring that a desktop User-Agent is needed in the absence of any 
> indication (e.g. URI patterns) is contrary to the guidelines. 

Francois, Can I find the text  you are referring to somewhere?

anyway, my interpretation of your sentence is that, in case of a URI of 
the form "www.*" it is OK to spoof the UA string. Do I understand correctly?

If I understand correctly, I am still inviting W3C to be strong and 
require that the UA header is never replaced.


Received on Friday, 19 December 2008 18:50:51 UTC