RE: [agenda] CT Call 2 December 2008

I will probably be a few minutes late for this weeks teleconference.


From: on behalf of Francois Daoust
Sent: Mon 12/1/2008 7:37 AM
To: public-bpwg-ct
Subject: [agenda] CT Call 2 December 2008

Here is the agenda for tomorrow's call.

I propose that we start by striking a few supposedly easy topics before
we get to the core of the remaining stuff.


Chair: François
Staff Contact: François
Known regrets: none

Date: 2008-12-02T1500Z for 60mn
Phone: +1.617.761.6200, +, +44.117.370.6152
Conference code: 2283 ("BCTF") followed by # key
IRC channel: #bpwg on, port 6665.

Latest draft:

1. Test the effect of HEAD Requests on Various Servers

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: No identified problem associated with switching a
HEAD request to a GET request, other than the fact that server
statistics are impacted. No text change in 4.1.1 on that regard.

... and close ACTION-710 on Francois.

2. LC-2097 - Review of OPES work

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: Ref-2097 resolve yes and add a section under 1.3
scope noting that OPES RFC 3238 is relevant to this work and has been

3. Editorial comments from Eduardo

- action Jo to incorporate the editorial remarks in next version of the

4. LC-2050 - Restructuring, recoding, optimizing
Jo's changelog at:
- we had resolved to mention we are only talking about restructuring.
- while preparing the new draft, Jo thought it did not make sense anymore.
- agreed?

... and close old ACTION-832 on Sean

5. Cached responses and pagination

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: replace SHOULD by MUST in "and [proxies] SHOULD
provide a simple means of retrieving a fresh copy"

6. Validation against formal published grammar (


7. Alteration of header fields (4.1.5)

- "Proxies SHOULD NOT change headers other than User-Agent and
Accept(-*) headers[...]"
... inconsistent with 4.1.6 since the CT proxy is already asked to add
X-Forwarded-For and Via headers and to *change* them (more specifically,
to complete their values) if they are already defined.
- Several other headers could have to be changed by the CT-proxy
(Content-Length for instance)
- What are trying to say here?

... and close ACTION-843 on Jo

8. Testing

- action someone to propose some text to clarify the intent?

9. LC-2040 - On properly defining the X-Device-* headers
Last Call comment:

- Stick to "existing practice" or define the header appropriately?
- I note we also reference the X-Forwarded-For header.

... and close ACTION-879 on Francois.

10. HTTPS links rewriting

- Security problems arise with links rewriting, whether links are in
HTTP or HTTPS, because of a change of origin that enable cross-site
scripting attacks.
- Add a "Security considerations" section?
- Specific HTTPS guidelines?

... and close ACTION-860, ACTION-864 on Jo
... and close ACTION-859 on Francois

11. Mandating respect of some heuristics

- should a mobile CT proxy be allowed to transform content that was
developed with mobile in mind?
- forbid restructuring and recoding in the cases mentioned by Dom?
- allow exceptions to the rules as proposed by Eduardo?
- add an equivalent to section on responses?

12. WML and the guidelines

- Mostly merged with previous topic
- Amend the text on http-equiv not to mention specifically *HTML* content?

13. Implementation Conformance Statement

- Improvements? Comments?

14. Review actions

15. AOB

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