Re: Changing User Agent Header Value (was Re: transcoders bad)

Jo Rabin wrote:
> The long and the short Luca, is that you are saying that irrepective 
> of how the Working Group takes the document forward you'd rather have 
> a manifesto than industry supported guidelines.
the Manifesto *is* industry supported guidelines, Jo. It does not have a 
W3C stamp (and, BTW, I am still not convinced that W3C is entitled to 
make specs for the mobile world, but let's keep this aside for a moment)
> > public criticism (in fact, most public criticism has come from you and
> > Sean Owen). If you know of a different specimen of criticism to the
> Incidentally, I don't recall having made a public comment about the 
> manifesto.
I need to dig in the WMLProgramming archives and dotMobi dev site. I 
gotta go now. Will do a bit later.


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