Re: Changing User Agent Header Value (was Re: transcoders bad)

Luca Passani wrote:
> Jo Rabin wrote:
>> Off the top of my head, I'd say that a requirement has been expressed 
>> that users should be able to make that choice. I'm not sure what 
>> exactly you mean by "solve", but why don't you submit a proposed 
>> change in a formal last call comment?
> the problem is that the rule is big enough that transcoder vendors can 
> run a train through it. They just need to claim that it's "full web on a 
> mobile phone" they are launching, and there you go, everyone gets 
> trascoded (this is exactly what VodaUK did, by the way).
> What about having a rule that says that Network operators are not 
> supposed to make transcoders manage all HTTP requests for their 
> main/default WAP configuration on devices?
> How do I submit a proposed change?

Just a rather boring administrative message to answer that last question:

1/ The comments you and others send to public-bpwg-comments are 
"proposed change submissions". The more precise they are, the better. 
Each comment is officially tracked and will be addressed by the Working 

2/ The discussion that follows the comments is not recorded as new 
comments but will be taken into account when preparing the answers and 
making changes to the document. It is extremely useful for the Working 
Group that this discussion happens.

3/ On that particular point (section 4.1.5 "the user has specifically 
requested a restructured desktop experience"), you already raised your 
concerns in your first detailed email, and this is thus already 
"officially" recorded:

4/ If you feel that a previous comment needs to be precised and that the 
precision is essential and should be officially recorded in a separate 
comment, feel free to send another email to the mailing-list such as the 
one mentioned above (easier for tracking purpose than pointing out to a 
part of a discussion).


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