Re: User-Agent Header?

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the comment!

I recorded it in our Tracking System. The Mobile Web Best Practices 
Working Group will address it as soon as possible and get back to you 
with a proposed resolution or a request for clarification.

In the meantime, please note that the discussion that this comment may 
trigger on the list is a discussion between individuals, and does not 
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Francois Daoust,
W3C Staff Contact,
Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group.

Jim Jewett wrote:
> Section 4.1.3 ...
> ""'
> The mechanism by which a proxy recognizes the user agent as a Web
> browser should use evidence from the HTTP request, in particular the
> User-Agent and Accept headers.
> """
> Please clarify -- is this just the *existence* of those headers, or
> the specific values?  If it is the specific values, then please
> provide some guidance (or a normative alternative) that new user
> agents can use, before their names propagate to various whitelists.
> -jJ

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