RE: transcoders bad

 >  Hi Terren,
 > The CT Guidelines ensure that any mobile-aware content provider can have
 > *total control* over whether transcoding is used or not on content, by
 >  the use of standard HTTP features: See "4.2.2 Server Origination of
 >  Cache-Control: no-transform".

It is not so, Brian. CT Guidelines do not demand that the User-Agent 
string has to be preserved. This means that a transcoder can use a web 
browser UA and a mobile site won't even know it is talking to a mobile 
device and will not know it can serve a "no-trasform" header to the device.
More than that, even if the server served "No-trasform" headers 
unconditionally, it would still be getting the wrong User-Agent.

So, please do not mud the water.


Received on Tuesday, 5 August 2008 08:23:59 UTC