I think the discussion on THEMATIC_CONSISTENCY is at the heart of the
work that this TF addresses. In pointing out that the same URI can yield
different content depending on user context, I think it is clear that
this means not only a specific mobile version (or versions) but also an
'accessible' version.

So in response to the question "Do I really need to create a separate
mobile rendering", if the answer is "If you do that you will also have
an accessible rendering" that would be a powerful response.

On the other hand, a difficulty with this approach is that we advocate
that people consider adjusting the content to meet the needs of mobile
users, which are typically distinct from the needs of desktop users. If
that is so then the mobile rendering, while possibly meeting the
technical demands of accessibility, might not address the point that
when accessible content is requested, it is likely to have been
requested in the desktop context.


Received on Thursday, 20 September 2007 09:31:38 UTC