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This concerns the Mobile Web Best Practices and WCAG document (this  
message is also going to WAI Education & Outreach Working Group).

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> Hi, I think the tables should be seperate sections from the list of  
> checkpoints - it looked like I was in some kind of table notes when I  
> was actually beginning the major substance of the specification itself.

I think you mean the summary table under "Does it give me WCAG 1.0  
compliance?" in section 3 [1]. I agree. In fact the table doesn't help the  
user very much as the information is also in the sections for individual  
BPs (that's where I took it from). What is most useful is the list that  
follows the table "To summarise, the table ... between MWBP and WCAG 1.0  
above shows that compliance with MWBP ensures that content already  
complies with WCAG 1.0 checkpoints..." So perhaps the table could be  
removed, just keeping it temporarily for the purpose of maintaining the  

Regarding the large table in "2. How Barriers Experienced by Web Users  
with Disabilities Parallel those in the Mobile Context" [2], I think that  
the table should have a seperate section heading, and any detail should  
come before it. The table is only a summary.


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