Re: Accessibility document [PROVIDE_DEFAULTS]

On Wed, 28 Nov 2007 17:15:04 +0100, Miguel Garcia  
<> wrote:

> Yes, I agree with removing last sentence "However, there is debate  
> about...."
> In WCAG 1.0 compliance paragraph specify default values are needed for  
> all text controls in order to achivec WCAG 1.0 compliance.
> [proposed update]
> Does it give me WCAG 1.0 compliance?: If default values are used >>in  
> all text controls<< this ensures compliance with checkpoint 10.4 "Until  
> user agents handle empty controls correctly, include default,  
> place-holding characters in edit boxes and text areas" for the controls  
> concerned.
> [end proposed update]

I agree with Alan and Miguel that this document is not the place to argue  
about WCAG 1.0, and I think Miguel's proposed text (above) is a good way  
to capture what we want to say.

(Do we need to be cc'ing the whole working group on this?)



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