Accesibility Review


It took me some time but finally I could review Accesibility TF
Document. This is just a first look and I'll send more questions as I
review more depthly.

In section "1.1 Abstract." the first paragraph looks to me a, in a first
glance, bit confusing and I needed to read it twice. I think we could
start this section straight with the second paragraph ("Many Web
sites...") and move the other paragraph to the bottom and restructure it
like a list. Something like:
"* if you are a mobile...."
"* if you have a dissability..."
"* if you work..."

In chapter "4. How Mobile Web Best Practices can Benefit Users with
Disabilities." there is a list of all Mobile Best Practices
alphabetically ordered but later when each mobile practice is explained
this list is ordered like Mobile Best Practices document. It's better to
take the same approach and sort it alphabetically too, specially if you
work with a printed copy (as I did). Also I miss a summaryze table
between WCAG and MWBP relationship. This relationship go unnoticed in
the chapter among all the text. I'm thinking about making a quick
reference guide about how to accesibilize a mobile page. I'll send an
example later.

Limit scrolling to one direction particularly in the vertical axis, will
also help people with cognitive limitations as some won't notice or will
be disoriented by the horizontal scroll. 

If the content encoding is not supported by the browser the text could
be renderer with rubbish (it depends on the language) making it harder
to understand.


Received on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 11:48:35 UTC