[W3C BPMLOD] new wiki for G&BP + update on chairs nomination + poll for next meeting

Dear BPMLOD colleagues,

In this document
can find the draft of the minutes we took during our last meeting.

During the meeting we started collecting expressions of interest to build
the new and updated guidelines and best practices for LLOD. I created
a new *space
in the wiki* to that end and put there the initial information, please take
a look at it and correct/add anything if needed:

An important point in the agenda was the *selection of new chairs*.
However, we received two last minute nominations for the panel of chairs,
in addition to the proposed four initial ones (see the minutes for more
details). Thus, we decided to postpone the voting until having informed the
rest of the group about this.

Having considered that six chairs is an ineffective number, we (current
chair and candidates)  have met after the telco and arranged a consensus
list that adds gender balance to the initial list, as well as balance
between BPMLOD and other W3C groups in coordination tasks. The proposed
list is:

* Katerina Gkirtzou (Athena Research Center, Greece)
* Milan Dojchinovski (Czech Technical University in Prague, Czechia;
representing NexusLinguarum WG1)
* Andon Tchechmedjiev (IMT Mines Alès, France; representing NexusLinguarum
* Jorge Gracia (University of Zaragoza, Spain; current BPMLOD chair)

I myself plan to stay a bit longer as chair to allow for a smooth
transition with the new chairs, and step down at some point, thus
recovering the original number of three chairs for the group.

We can vote on the acceptance/rejection of the new panel of chairs during
the next meeting. I propose a doodle poll to meet in mid February again,
please fill it during this week:
In the meantime please try to complete the list
mentioned above for the guidelines and/or add relevant pointers on it.

Best regards,

Jorge Gracia, PhD
BPMLOD W3C community group co-chair

Received on Tuesday, 31 January 2023 17:33:29 UTC